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85mm f/1.8AF


Nikkor 85mm f/1.8 AF

Nikon has produced 111.119 of these lenses since Dec 1987 - Apr 1994. They have been produced in Japan, just like the successor, the 85mm f/1.8AF-D which is still being produced. The only difference is the aperture lock (for all I can tell), the AF-D version has a slide lock versus a twist lock on the AF.

“Amazing portrait lens”

This lens is quite fastest with its f/1.8 aperture. Faster lenses are far more expensive so this lens is really attractive for its performance.

The build quality of the lens is very good. The outer barrel is made of good quality polycarbonate with a sleek finish. The bayonet ring is made of metal. The rubberized focus ring operates very smooth. It has an internal focus ring which means the lens doesn't extend when focussing. Because the front element remains in its place using a polarizer is no issue.

Focussing relays on a slotted drive screw and therefor makes a moderate noise. The lens shows a very small amount of barrel distortion.

As with most very fast primes it will show some dark corners if completely open. Vignetting is almost obsolete from f/2 onwards.

Sharpness is very good wide open and excellent across the frame stopped down. Unfortunately, the Bokeh falls a bit behind, especially behind the focal plane.


“A very attractive lens”

6 elements, 6 groups


0,85 m

72 x 59 mm

380 g

62 mm (non-rotating)

Nikon HN-23


Optical construction

Nr. of blades

Min. focus distance



Filter size


Optical Quality: 

Mechanical Quality:


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