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Feature Week 38




For me, this picture visualises the US. Let me explain; Ads and commerce are often associated to the American way of living. Telling how great you are, bragging about the quality of you product. Every aspect is fantastic. Made by great people. This pictures shows the back of the billboard. and what we see is quit interesting. It has a lot of detail and structure. We can see how the ad is hung and the platform they use to display their story. This shows the story behind the ad with all its nuance and shades of grey. The sun blinds us as would the ad. The lights attached to the platform will illuminate the billboard at night and the back will be invisible by then. 

It shows the background story of commercialisation, the complex story behind the succes, underexposed and too many details. 

Before we arrived at this billboard, we passed The Vessel, a good example of everything this back of the billboard is not. Fancy, showing off, shinny and purposeless. Between the Vessel and the billboard we found the underground carriages, parked and waiting for duty, not receiving attention from any tourist. It felt kind of sad, like a sibling of an attention seeker. The Billboard was very similar but has both of these characteristics in one. 


Location 34th St - 11th ave, New York, New York - USA

Details you can find in this picture


The details in the film, unbelievable. The Kodak 100T-Max has extreme sharpness because of the tabular grain structure (the T-grain emulsion) and has great dynamic range. I don't know why I don't shoot this film more often. It is just like shooting middle format. Next time i'm going to pick one up, especially for my middle format cameras.

The lines in this picture and the perspective it creates make the tention of the image. This whole picture is filled with lines, thins ones and thick ones, in black, grey and white. The sun casts a lens flare on the left side and causes a high light on this part of the billboard. That make this part of the photo very soft with hard and many lines.


3 cups


The dark part and thick construction in this part of the picture creates a narrow base. The image balances and is dynamic, you can almost see the construction dance. The angle of the boards facilitates idea. 

The back of the billboard his many grey tones. During post I discovered these shades. That was when I fell in love with the picture. That was when I discovered all the other details as well and there are many. I don't even know what is displayed on the other side. When the picture was made. It didn't even came to my mind to look


Gear used for this shot


Camera Nikon F4s

Shutter speed 1/250s

Aperture f/16


Lens Nikkor 28mm f/2.4 AF-D

Kodak 400tmax.jpg

Film Kodak T-MAX 100

Developer Ilford DD-X

On your wall 


Framed detail


Dibond detail



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