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Feature Week 27




This week, another analogue photo from Italy, although his one was taken on different trip, a trip with my youngest daughter Flo. It was a present for her 16th birthday, which she was to choose a destination in Europe and Rome it was. This was during the Corona crisis therefore it was very quiet in Rome compared to the normal situation. There were no tourists from the US or Asia which would normally be a least half of the visitors during summer.

This day Flo wanted to visit the Forum Romana, close to our hotel next to the Colosseum, one of the joys of a quiet Rome. She already knew which locations to visit during our stay and this was on top of her list, and very rightfully so. Smack in the city center there is this hughes site full of archeological wonders. 

This photo is taken on our way to the public lavatories, even that dubious location was beautiful. Looking up the stairs where we just come from gave us this view. When you love pine trees as much as I do, italy is the country to go to. They are so majestic and elegant, especially on top of hills. It's just like they have abundance of hair which they are showing off, with their slender bodies. The stairs are like showbiz stairs, waiting for the star to come down. 


Location Forum Romanum, Rome, Italy

Gear used for this shot


Camera Nikon F4s

Shutter speed 1/500s

Aperture f/16


Lens Nikkor 50mm f/1.4 AF-D


Film Ilford HP5 400

Developer Ilford DD-X

On your wall 


Framed detail


Dibond detail



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