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28mm f/2.8AF


Nikkor 28mm f/2.8 AF

This lens is extremely compact and quite cheap. This also shows when you shoot it wide open at f2.8. The centre is very sharp but the borders and the corners will be soft. i have to be aware when taking certain pictures where the borders need to be sharp, especially for my landscapes with a lot of sky. 

I bought this lens in 2018 for just €100,00 which is normal for these kind of lenses. There were only around 53.000 produced of this particular type until 1995, mine is from February 1995. 

“This lens is extremely compact”

The main reason for me to use this lens is when my 50mm f/1.4 doesn't give me enough space to work with and I can't take a step back. This can give me quite some freedom at moments I otherwise would not take the shot. It is never my lens of choice straight out to the bag although the lens performs rather well above f5.6

When walking through a city with just a jacket on it is nice to have this extra flexibility with you. It fits right into your pocket and weighs only 200 grams. Although the sharpness can be an issue when it's a bit darker it usually works out just fine, especially for just €100,00

“Flexibility which weighs just 200 grams”

Optical construction

Nr. of blades

Min. focus distance



Filter size


Optical Quality: 

Mechanical Quality:


6 elements, 6 groups


0,25 m

65 x 45 mm

205 g

52 mm (non-rotating)

Nikon HN-2

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