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24mm f/2.8AF-D


Nikkor 24mm f/2.8 AF-D

Cities sometimes prohibit you from taking pictures with a 50mm they just don't provide you enough space to take the picture you'd like. Therefor you'd need a wide lens like this 24mm. I bought this one for €255,00 on eBay. This one is produced in April 1997 in Japan and this model is still being produced today.

The lens shows moderate barrel distortion as is quit common for these kind of lenses. From f/5.6 and beyond vignetting is reduced to a level that is no longer an issue for most subjects.

”It's not my top lens but sometimes you need the angle“


The image borders and corners are rather soft wide open, but stopping help to raise the sharpness to good values at f/4 and very good resolution at f/5.6 and beyond. The performance peak of the lens is reached at f/8.

Out of focus areas show some nervousness and doubled contours. Background highlights are quite distorted towards the image borders at f/2.8 and f/4, but circular at f/5.6. 

The Nikkor AF-D 24mm f/2.8 shows good sharpness in the center wide open with rather soft borders. Stopped down to f/8 however the sharpness is on a very high level across the whole image.

Unfortunately vignetting is on a rather high level, especially for larger apertures. Bokeh is not stellar either.

Nonetheless, the lens is quite compact and lightweight. As a landscape lens that is used around its sweet spot aperture setting mostly (f/8) the lens delivers very good results.

“Good lens for landscape photography”

Optical construction

Nr. of blades

Min. focus distance



Filter size


Optical Quality: 

Mechanical Quality:



9 elements, 9 groups


0,3 m

65 x 46 mm

270 g

52 mm (non-rotating)

Nikon HN-1

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