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Exhibition at Pol38 in Breda

For this exhibition I've selected 27 photographs which I took over the last three years. This process took a while, I started of with 400 photo's and had to kill many of my darlings. Finding a story was quit interesting. The period between picking my pre-selection and the final selection I planned a trip to Argentina which gave me the opportunity to add photographs to the story.  The main collection exists of photographs with a strong composition; an extreem low horizon and powerful sky. The calmness that translates from the photographs is the common denominator of the exhibition. 

​I'd love to tell you more about the whole process of taking analogue photographs, show you the camera's I use,  the reason for me to choose for this technology and the stories behind the photographs. Please let me know if you plan to visite the exhibition so I can tell you all about it. 

​"it inspired me to pick up my old camera and start taking analogue pictures again!"

Email from a visitor

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